On October 19th, 2021 at 1pm (BRT)

webinar Endocytic transport in covid 19 PORTAL

Speaker: Dr. Amandio Vieira - Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby (Canada)

Moderator: Professor Mirian Hayashi - Associate Professor - Departamento de Farmacologia (EPM/Unifesp)

Endocytosis of a microbial pathogen is a typical pathological process in most infectious diseases. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites are internalized by the host cell as part of the initiation and progression of infectious diseases. There is evidence that disruption of such microbe entry can interfere with the normal infection cycle. Pharmacological agents that disrupt endocytosis of the pathogen may, thus, be therapeutically useful in some
infectious diseases. Current research on the screening and identification of endocytic transport disruptors and their possible application to Covid-19 and other viral diseases will be presented. Possible therapeutic compounds that have been identified to date include some natural products (e.g., flavonoids) as well as previously approved drugs (i.e., drug repurposing).

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